Preventable Causes Action Plan

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Preventable Causes Action Plan
Preventable deaths are on the rise and the government needs to make various strategies to tame the high mortality rates. One of the strategies is to educate society about preventable deaths. Public health education initiatives should encourage people to embrace healthy lifestyles (Metz, 2018). For instance, it is important to encourage people to stop smoking, taking alcohol, and abusing other hard drugs. The drugs interfere with normal functioning and impair the ability to participate in daily activities. The sensitization strategies should provide data on the people with risky behaviors and the outcome of the behavior (Black et al., 2019). Public education should be in learning institutions, workers’ unions, and workplaces.
The second strategy is to develop effective policies to reduce the cost of healthy foods. The government has a responsibility for ensuring healthy foods such as vegetables are available to low-income families (Metz, 2018). Poor eating habits put society at high risks of obesity and heart conditions. While availing the food at an affordable rate, the government should sensitive to the community about diseases such as obesity and diabetes.
The third strategy is to ensure access to healthcare services to both the rich and the poor. Lack of access to healthcare services puts communities at risk of adverse health outcomes. For instance, diagnosis and treatment can reduce the mortality rates for preventable diseases (Black et al., 2019). Healthcare services should provide care to the communities irrespective of their income. The government should develop mechanisms to ensure everyone has access to healthcare services. It is essential to eliminate the challenges such as higher premiums that deny people an opportunity to access quality care (Black et al., 2019). Accessing healthcare services will eliminate the risk of death and the prevalence of preventable diseases.

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